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If you’re looking to update the look of your home, one sure-fire way to go about it is to re-do the paint inside and out. And if you want eye-catching results that get you compliments from every visitor and guests, your best bet is to give us a call at (561) 621-3031.

Painters of Boynton Beach are exceptionally experienced and customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We’re a local, small business serving homeowners in Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Loxahatchee, West Palm beach all the way up to Jupiter.

On HomeAdvisor, we’re amongst the highest rated painters in all of USA and customers have shown us a lot of love on Google as well. Call us today to find our how we can help you in a reliable, high quality yet affordable way

Design and Consultation

We love partnering with our clients to paint their dream living space. We share our experience and expert tips with you regarding color combinations and finishes that will give you a stunning end result. We’re there with you every step of the way.

Interior and Exterior Painting

No job is too small or too large for us. We do touch-ups in your home as you get ready to sell it off or rent it, and we have painted large homes inside-out as well. Whatever you need, we have the capability to fulfill it. Call us to know more!

Drywall Repair, Popcorn ceiling removal

We are experts and experienced at services other than, but related to painting as well. We’re happy to help you with drywall repair, popcorn ceiling removal as well as wallpaper removal. Give us a call to learn about more ways in which we can help

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Consultation & Others

Onsite Consultation

Wallpaper Removal

Drywall Repair

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Our Step by Step Painting Process

  • We move the furniture out of the way, carefully, and cover it with plastic sheets as well as the floors with canvas drop rugs
  • We’re able to do minor carpentry repairs and fill nail holes and cracks with high quality materials
  • We hand scrape, sand and spot-prime all surfaces to be painted for a smooth finish
  • Use only the highest quality paints and finishes like from Sherwin-Williams and PPG etc.
  • Inspect all surfaces after each coat of paint is applied for inconsistencies, and re-sand and prime as needed
  • Keep you informed of our progress every step of the way
  • Complete our final inspection before cleaning up, removing tools and returning furniture to their original places
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Customer Satisfaction

We strive to provide every customer with a pain-free but high quality experience. We’re not in it for a one-job transaction, we aim to be your go-to painters in the long run. So we go out of our way to make sure we meet all your specific requirements

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Affordable Rates

For the quality we provide, the cost of our painting services is very affordable compared to other options in the market. We take advantages of preferred pricing for all materials and pass on the savings to you. With us, you get more than what you pay for!

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Quality and Reliability

As outlined in our painting process, we take immense care and effort to deliver brilliant results, and constantly monitor and quality check our own work. In addition, we quote fixed and transparent prices, and complete our work on the promised schedule

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We’re happy to provide you our previous client testimonials. We have literally 100s of them. Home Advisor, Google, Yelp and a few other places. Home Advisor rates us as among the best painters not just in Florida, but all of USA. And it shows in our work – give us a chance

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We’re transparent and forthright in our communications with you. It starts right from the beginning when we discuss the scope, materials and labor needed for your work, all the way through the middle and end where you’re up to date in real time on our schedule and finish date

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Free In-House Consultation

After our first call, we come over to your place in person for a consult. We understand from you about what you’re looking for, share our opinions and expertise and we together come to a final plan. We offer a free, no-obligation quote at this point

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Painters of Boynton Beach

Service and Quality you can count on

Painters of Boynton Beach is a specialist company that offers painting services for all residential needs. It is a very successful company based in Florida and has been in the business for more than 25 years. The reason why we have been able to remain relevant for all these years is because of its quality of work and our commitment to customer satisfaction. The painting industry has always been slow to adopt new technologies, but we have been able to adapt and overcome all the obstacles and stay ahead of the competition. One example is you reading so much about us and really getting to know us right here on the internet.

The first thing that sets us apart from the rest of the competition is our diligence towards preparing for the job. This begins even before the job starts, right when you speak with us for the first time. We come to look at your house – to really look, not just glance. We look closely, understand clearly from you what needs to be done and then give you an accurate quote, broken down into labor and materials. We proceed to give you our best prediction of the schedule of work as well. We continue this healthy communication right till the end of the job

At the start of the job, we come fully prepared. We have all the tools, equipment and materials when we get started. Efficiency is one of our strong suits. We don’t run back and forth to shops to pick up one-off materials, at least not very often. We know that you have hired a professional, and you have expectations accordingly. We exceed those expectations with our work ethic. Our efficiency also means you get back your house fully in a shorter period of time

Our relentless pursuit for quality continues through our actual paint job, beginning with surface prep. Paint wont stay long on a dirty or chipping surface, and contractors that simply paint over without keeping that in mind are cutting corners and homeowners like yourself have to bear the cost of it eventually. We have the experience and equipment to get the job done right. Moreover, we inspect these details right at the beginning and give you an all-inclusive price so there are no surprises.

The benefits of hiring us don’t stop here. In case your surface requires extensive repairs such as wood rot or drywall repair, or if you need a popcorn ceiling taken down or a wallpaper removed, you won’t have to hire a separate contractor to take care of all that. We have all the skills needed to be a solid, reliable one-stop shop for all painting needs. And as you’d expect, we inspect and discuss all of this at the beginning of the job.

Continuing further, we stand over and above the competition by using only the highest quality paint. It is common for most contractors to try and maximize their profits by using lower quality materials. That’s not how we roll. We share the brand of paint we will use before starting the job and are happy to have your inputs on the matter as well.

In summary, the Painters of Boynton Beach are determined to provide you with the best quality job possible. We take pride in our work, we treat every wall, every surface as if it were in our own homes. When we finish a project, we ensure that we have made a large impact in the aesthetics and quality of your living spaces. One of our favorite past times is driving around town and showing our families the houses and projects we’ve delivered. Your home is a source of pride for us as well. Call us to experience this peerless painting service, today!

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